Tamara Frere, Advanced Clinical Intern

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or disoriented in these pandemic times, consider that it’s not our challenges, but the nature of our thoughts about our challenges – and the meaning we give to those thoughts – that can cause us distress.  This can hold us back from finding solutions and taking the necessary actions to make ourselves feel better.

As your therapist, I can be the sounding board you need to reflect upon what stories you’ve been telling yourself about your life, what issues are affecting you, and how you see yourself in light of it all. We will work together to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, especially considering your strengths, your resilience, and the image of yourself you’d like to project to the world.

I am an integrative therapist who pulls from several key theoretical frameworks and applies them to the particular needs and situation of the client. I am trained in cognitive and behavioral therapies, Motivational Interviewing, and narrative therapy. I am also a 15-year student-practitioner of the meditative arts and sciences; I have achieved great success by incorporating meditation into sessions and workshops where appropriate and desired by clients. I am sensitive to matters of trauma, vocation, multiculturalism, and identity as a result of my training and lived experience. I enjoy working with individuals across the lifespan, especially overworked parents, professionals, and entrepreneurs as they confront internal and external adversity in reaching their full potential.

I look forward to providing you with a safe space to expand your awareness, fortify your strengths and overcome your challenges. Schedule a consultation to see if we are a strong match, and we can assess your needs, explore your goals and work together toward more pleasant and productive possibilities.