Alyssa Hoyt, Advanced Clinical Intern

Alyssa Hoyt  is a graduate student at New York University (NYU), in the Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness masters program. Alyssa is a career changer who spent the last decade building brand narratives for technology startups and consumer products. After many years in the corporate world, Alyssa is circling back to her original passion, helping individuals build and change the narratives of their own lives through mental health counseling. Alyssa believes there is power in deconstructing and reconstructing the stories we tell about our lives, and opportunities for growth amidst life’s circumstances, defining moments, and important relationships.

Alyssa is client-centered, believing that each person is the expert of their own life, and uses direct, empathic approach to meet clients where they are at. She can help individuals seeking growth and change in a range of areas including major life transitions like the transitions to adulthood and parenthood from both an individual and couples oriented approach, navigating work challenges and vocational changes, relationship issues, and other challenges of everyday living. Alyssa has a personal passion for women’s issues and working with parents of children with complex health issues such as food allergies. Alyssa also has previous experience working with individuals with eating disorders.

Alyssa received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to pursuing  her master’s degree, Alyssa has merged her corporate and mental health experiences as a consultant for a sleep and wellness technology startup whose products and apps are grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles. She looks forward to continuing to work with companies utilizing technology to make mental health and wellness accessible for more people.