Jared Stein MHC-LP

During his many years in advertising, Jared would frequently circle back to his favorite books
from college, rereading the works of existential and psychoanalytic thinkers like Erich Fromm
and Herbert Marcuse. Engaging with these theorists convinced him to return back to school for
a counseling degree and continue to influence his approach to psychology today. After all, it is
never too late in life to make a positive change.

Jared believes that you are the expert of you, and the therapist is merely a guide who can help
you think more deeply about the themes which continually impact your life. As you find these
unconscious themes, it is possible to mold them in a way that better fits your current set of
circumstances, adding new ways of looking at your world and leaving behind concepts that no
longer fit.

Jared has experience treating the LGBT community and is a certified Clinical Trauma
Professional. He received his Bachelors Degree in Post-War Intellectual Thought at Washington
University in St. Louis, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from The New School for
Social Research, and most recently a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from New
York University.