Jason Alicea MHC-LP

In uncertain times like these, you may be constantly bombarded by endless thoughts or find yourself so sad and mentally drained that you can’t do the things you typically enjoy. These patterns of thinking and feeling can leave, you stressed, and anxious, and can even lead to depression. Together we will explore thoughts, feelings and aspects of self-critique curiously, not critically, in a safe environment that is centered on kindness, self-respect, and positivity.

Our efforts are for you to become comfortable with being vulnerable and to take control of your internal dialogue. We will incorporate evidence-based tools to customize your cognitive tool belt, and work toward goals that you set from the beginning of our first session. We can also work to reinforce what’s working for you, and consider the the possibilities of something new.

I am a relational therapist, which is a therapeutic approach based on the idea that mutually satisfying relationships with others are necessary for one’s emotional wellbeing. I do this by being mindful of my relationship with you, and using opportunities to support you  in forming and sustaining quality relationships. I also believe in using different approaches based on your the specific goals you set at the start of our work.

I support individuals and am particularly passionate about working with couples. As a former collegiate athlete, I also enjoy working with adolescent and young adult athletes who are looking to optimize their performance.