Melissa J. Silver, MHC-LP

The decision to seek out psychotherapy can be the beginning of a brilliant new chapter in life. Collaboratively working with a therapist opens up possibilities and helps us gain insight into our self and our relationships. Ultimately, my goal is to lead you towards your own inner strengths, which are never as far out of reach as they may seem. My approach is psychodynamic, relational, and client centered. I provide a supportive, safe space to cultivate a trusting therapeutic relationship, which is at the heart of growth and progress. Each client has multiple intersecting identities and backgrounds and there is not any one way to approach a person’s challenges. I believe that my clients are the experts on their lives, and my role is to act as a guide, uncovering stones, and bringing awareness to narratives we create and patterns which no longer serve us. I hope to help you find resilience and meaning in life and open up to new possibilities.

Some areas of focus in my work include help with depression, anxiety, parent-child relationships, couples relationship issues, and the transition to parenthood. I work with adults, adolescents, children and couples.

I received my BA in in English and Psychology from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. A former film production manager and photographer’s agent, I recently returned to my love of psychology and my desire to provide therapy for anyone facing life challenges. I am currently a graduate student in Psychology at New York University in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness and an Advanced Clinical Intern. In addition to my clinical training, as a mother of three, my experience as a parent informs my work with others navigating the ups and downs of raising children.