Robin Stone MA, LMHC

How do you want to show up in the world? If you’ve been struggling to be seen and heard, or if you’re finding it hard to move beyond loss, hurtful experiences or relationships, consider this the first step in a new direction toward your optimal self.

I can support you with an empathetic ear, insight and constructive questions to help you consider life’s challenges and cultivate new ways of relating to loved ones, colleagues and yourself. We’ll identify and use your strengths to help you respond in healthy ways to stressors such as partner and work conflict, trauma, grief, and change.

With a holistic approach to each client, I incorporate proven techniques that are grounded in theory yet responsive to your distinct needs. I view therapy through a narrative, multicultural, womanist lens; that means a heightened awareness of how culture influences your self- and worldview. Against that backdrop, we’ll use our working relationship to explore how thoughts, feelings and actions are interrelated, and how you can overcome obstacles to live, love, grow and thrive.

I am trained in EMDR and Expressive Arts techniques, as well as Couples therapeutic frameworks and Holistic Health Coaching. A former journalist for many years, I bring a deep curiosity and an abiding love of the power of storytelling to helping others find their voices.

I support creative artists, professionals, couples and individuals, and I’m particularly interested in working with women and people of color. It is fulfilling and rewarding when clients strike out on their own with a better sense of themselves, trusting their voices and showing up to be seen and heard on their terms.

I am part of a progressive group of clinicians with varied backgrounds and expertise.  Contact me for a brief initial consultation to see if we might be a good fit.