Shaday Turner, Advanced Clinical Intern

I consider myself somewhat of a chameleon, skillfully blending in and transforming into someone who can support the clients I work with. I believe therapists wear many hats.  Sometimes they are like teachers, friends, and anything you may need at the moment.

As a full-time student at NYU, and a full-time behavioral counselor in substance abuse, I fully understand the benefits of therapy and am passionate about making therapy more accessible. Though  I am trained in various methods, I have a leaning towards motivational interviewing. I believe we have all the tools we need to change and simply need a little support sometimes. Looking at life with a fresh pair of eyes has helped me in many situations, and I hope to give that back to the clients I work with.

Spending time in nature, with family, practicing yoga, and reading are some of the few ways I recharge my batteries. Motivating others is among one of my passions and I look forward to helping you discover and enjoy yours, underneath all the emotional clutter life tends to build up.