LGBTQ+ Communities & Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the area of psychological study that focuses on resiliency factors that empower particular people, communities, and societies to survive, flourish, and succeed. When applied to the LGBTQ+ community, which has been systematically invalidated throughout history, Positive Psychology offers a unique strengths-based approach, whereas many other approaches concentrate on the detriments of being a part of the community. Positive Psychology research suggests that there are many possible psychological benefits to the LGBTQ+ culture and socialization, including freedom to navigate less restrictive gender and sexuality spectrums, more expansive gender roles, strong community ties, and increased participation in social justice movements and other activist movements. The LGBTQ+ community possesses distinctive growth-fostering attributes that have often been overlooked within psychology. As a community, LGBTQ+ people deserve similar strengths-focused, person-centered care that others receive. This approach accounts for our lived reality and builds off of the strength, flexibility, and resilience that being in the community fosters within us.

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