People of Color and Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the area of psychological study that focuses on resiliency factors that empower particular people, communities, and societies to survive, flourish, and succeed. Positive Psychology work with Communities of Color entails the acknowledgement of the systemic and institutional realities that the various communities face each day, and builds off of the strengths of racial and cultural minority groups to work towards healing and growth. Positive Psychology research relays that the Western perspective of how people are supposed to act and think are limiting to People of Color at large, and that consideration must be made to differing worldviews and experiences. Research suggests that there are psychological strengths associated with being a Person of Color, including a strong sense of collectivism, ethnic and racial pride, a robust relationship to spirituality and religion, and increased support network of family and community. People of Color, regardless of the specific racial and ethnic identities one holds, possess unique resilience traits that can aid in healing. Society often ignores the strength Communities of Color show, even in the face of racism, and Positive Psychology offers a possible remedy, seeing the growth-fostering aspects in all of those affected by injustice.

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