Women and Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the area of psychological study that focuses on resiliency factors that empower particular people, communities, and societies to survive, flourish, and succeed. Women have a long and sordid history in psychological care, often serving as the basis for how not to think and act. Women also face sexism and misogyny on a daily basis, a reality that Positive Psychology works with to establish growth in a world that does not often acknowledge the strengths of being a woman. Positive Psychology research conveys that women possess psychological characteristics that can be beneficial in learning to heal and grow, including increased communication of emotions, ability to navigate multiple relational roles, and strong community ties. In some therapeutic perspectives, the emphasis of treatment often overlooks the strengths and resiliency factors women possess due to our experiences moving through the world, but with Positive Psychology, the focus is shifted to growth-producing characteristics women may possess to truly recognize how women still thrive.

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