Alison Prevo LMHC

Choosing the right psychotherapist to work with is an essential part of the path to emotional healing and self-awareness. Each client that comes in to my office is beginning a new journey as they show me the way into their lives and become a part of mine; I strive to honor that by creating a trusting environment that allows these clients to express themselves fully and explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences with me. Over time, my clients discover their potential for growth within the context of the therapeutic relationship. I practice using an eclectic approach that honors the unique characteristics and various backgrounds of the diverse population of New York City. I believe that a positive therapeutic relationship, which blossoms organically over time between the client and their therapist, is the most critical aspect of treatment. The unconditional positive regard bestowed by a therapist is gradually internalized by the client and sets the stage for the development of a positive relationship with oneself and with others in the client’s life.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California and moved to northern Florida to attend university in 2012. After receiving my degree in psychology with a minor in sociology, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of moving to New York City to study counseling psychology. I attended Fordham University’s Mental Health Counseling graduate program for two years and graduated in 2018. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing yoga, reading texts on psychological theory, and appreciating all the recreational activities that this city has to offer, such as Broadway plays, art museums, and musical performances. Some areas of focus that I like to incorporate into my therapeutic work are trauma’s impact on the physical body as well as the mind, the significance of early childhood experiences and their effect on one’s current relationships, dream analysis, and the importance of using each client’s cultural background as context in understanding their subjective experience. Ultimately, helping others by providing psychological services is my passion and gives rich meaning to my life.

I currently offer long-term individual psychotherapy for clients of all ages, backgrounds, and mental health concerns. I also provide family and couples therapy and group therapy. My form of practice is grounded in psychodynamic, client-centered, and relational approaches. Prospective clients can reach me by contacting our practice by phone or e-mail and inquiring about availability.