Irene Lin, Advanced Clinical Intern

Therapy is about teaching you to have courage to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life. I provide a non-judgemental, safe and transparent space so you can freely express your concerns. I hope to support you in cultivating a more meaningful and satisfying life.

I take a person-centered approach to working with my clients, which means that you are the center of focus (not your problems) and I will be your support. I won’t provide you with advice, but will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself in order to find your own way and trust in yourself to determine the way forward.

As a bilingual speaker (English/Mandarin) with a strong knowledge of Asian culture, I have worked with Asian population in the past, particularly adults and seniors. I come from an immigrant family in which my parents came to America seeking a new life. I understand the struggles many immigrant families face, such as language barriers, fitting in and much more. If you share a similar experience, know that I am open to hearing from you.

I am currently enrolled in Hunter College’s Mental Health Counseling program, pursuing my Master’s degree. I received my bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, as well as a minor in sociology from Hunter College. Through my coursework I have learned that resilience comes with learning and practice. We acquire experiences as we live through life events and we reflect on the experience to gain confidence and resilience.

I am open to working with anyone regardless of cultural background, sexual orientation or religion. I am all ears to learn about your stories, cultures and experiences, and to help you to thrive. Personally I enjoy art, music, video games and pet keeping in my spare time.

I  look forward to learning about your story, your life and experiences, and to helping you to thrive.