Stefy Causey, Advanced Clinical Intern

I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness at New York
University (NYU). Having previously established a career at a non-profit agency, serving families
affected by HIV/AIDS and coexisting traumas, solidified my passion for helping individuals
through trust and empathy.

Having grown up back and forth between Mexico and California, I was able to have a unique
upbringing where I immersed myself in both worlds. I experienced wellness through different
cultural lenses and influenced how I approached mental health. My cross-cultural narrative
supports my work with diverse populations.

My approach is client-centered and focused defining the individual’s needs. I believe in a
collaborative therapeutic process, built on trust, designed to overcome obstacles and identify
strengths. I aim to create a supportive space where clients can explore thoughts and emotions
safely. My integrative approach is suitable for addressing interpersonal and multicultural issues.
I can assist in relationship issues, managing stress, career challenges or if you just want
someone to talk to about everyday life.

I received my BA in Psychology from Chapman University in California. After graduating, I
decided to move to New York City. The goal was to stay for six months, but nine years later I am
still here. As time passes, NY continues to be as exciting as the first day I arrived.