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Positive Psychology is a recent field of psychology.  It emphasizes the study of positive human functioning, what makes people thrive, what makes life meaningful and the impact of these factors on individual, relational, cultural and global dimensions.

Positive psychology uses “visioning” which is of a future self/ a healthy self. We use positive interventions which are ways of promoting superior/optimal functioning rather than merely alleviating pain or restoring the individual to a previous baseline functioning. We believe that your previous best should be your new baseline. We seek to wake people up to the possible in their lives and teach them how to engage their own intrinsic resources. While a retrospective approach is helpful in identifying old patterns, that is really only relevant in understanding how those patterns may impede or support the future focus.

Our Progressive Focus


Historically, psychology has looked at life with a “disease” model, emphasizing depression, anxiety and mental illness.  So psychology while meant to be the study of the human psyche and behavior only looked at the dysfunction.  Positive psychology has corrected this imbalance and explores, for example constructs such as talent, strengths, creativity, wisdom and optimism. 

Positive psychology focuses on the strengths people have when they are at their best and how to achieve their highest potential as they seek increased happiness at home and at work. 

 We recognize “ negative “ emotions and other unpleasant feelings as natural aspects of life.  Positive psychology emphasizes the application of a “strengths science”, I.e. a study of what is right rather than what’s wrong with people.

Psychotherapy and counseling in New York.

Who We Are


PPA is the group practice established to provide the clinical services available at The Center for Optimal Performance.  Non-clinical and wellness services such as mindfulness instruction and coaching will continue to be offered through the Center for Optimal Performance.  We are a progressive Clinical Psychologist run practice.  We adhere to positive psychology principles, intervention strategies and evidence based practice.  We offer supervision and training in the use of positive psychology protocols.
We provide ongoing supervision, education and training in the development and implementation of positive psychology protocols.


Upcoming relationship workshop

If you want to strengthen your emotional connection, no matter the stage of your relationship, 

Better Together is for you. 

Better Together is a relationship-enrichment series led by licensed psychotherapists experienced in helping couples identify and repair fault lines in their relationships. In powerful and engaging interactive sessions, they’ll give you the tools to connect, communicate and cultivate a happy, healthy partnership. 

You’ll come away with proven skills and new ways of relating to each other to: 

  •  Deepen your friendship and intimacy 
  •  Connect with compassion
  • Navigate conflict like a pro
  • Revive or rev up your sex life 
  •  Share your wildest dreams and create new ones together 


For more information and to register go to: info@positivepsychnyc.com or call 212-354-2666 



Individual Work

Meet with one of our trained clinicians to learn about your unique stenghts and how to overcome barriers that have been limiting your pathway to success.


Group Therapy

Group format positive psychology psychotherapy helps group members move from what is wrong to what is strong. It is a strengths based approach that offers a more comprehensive perspective of the client and their life circumstances.


Relationship Therapy

Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held with both couples and is a supportive place to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen your relationship.     

Areas of focus

LGBTQ+ Communities and Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology is the area of psychological study that focuses on resiliency factors that empower particular people, communities, and societies to survive, flourish, and succeed. When applied to the LGBTQ+ community, which has been systematically invalidated throughout history, Positive Psychology offers a unique strengths-based approach, whereas many other approaches concentrate on the detriments of being a part of the community. Positive Psychology research suggests that there are many possible psychological benefits to the LGBTQ+ culture and socialization, including freedom to navigate less restrictive gender and sexuality spectrums, more expansive gender roles, strong community ties, and increased participation in social justice movements and other activist movements. The LGBTQ+ community possesses distinctive growth-fostering attributes that have often been overlooked within psychology. As a community, LGBTQ+ people deserve similar strengths-focused, person-centered care that others receive. This approach accounts for our lived reality and builds off of the strength, flexibility, and resilience that being in the community fosters within us.

People of Color and Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology is the area of psychological study that focuses on resiliency factors that empower particular people, communities, and societies to survive, flourish, and succeed. Positive Psychology work with Communities of Color entails the acknowledgement of the systemic and institutional realities that the various communities face each day, and builds off of the strengths of racial and cultural minority groups to work towards healing and growth. Positive Psychology research relays that the Western perspective of how people are supposed to act and think are limiting to People of Color at large, and that consideration must be made to differing worldviews and experiences. Research suggests that there are psychological strengths associated with being a Person of Color, including a strong sense of collectivism, ethnic and racial pride, a robust relationship to spirituality and religion, and increased support network of family and community. People of Color, regardless of the specific racial and ethnic identities one holds, possess unique resilience traits that can aid in healing. Society often ignores the strength Communities of Color show, even in the face of racism, and Positive Psychology offers a possible remedy, seeing the growth-fostering aspects in all of those affected by injustice.

Women and Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology is the area of psychological study that focuses on resiliency factors that empower particular people, communities, and societies to survive, flourish, and succeed. Women have a long and sordid history in psychological care, often serving as the basis for how not to think and act. Women also face sexism and misogyny on a daily basis, a reality that Positive Psychology works with to establish growth in a world that does not often acknowledge the strengths of being a woman. Positive Psychology research conveys that women possess psychological characteristics that can be beneficial in learning to heal and grow, including increased communication of emotions, ability to navigate multiple relational roles, and strong community ties. In some therapeutic perspectives, the emphasis of treatment often overlooks the strengths and resiliency factors women possess due to our experiences moving through the world, but with Positive Psychology, the focus is shifted to growth-producing characteristics women may possess to truly recognize how women still thrive.

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